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Not an exhibition, not a wall.
It’s an object, made to be read and creased.
It can lead to places, tell a story, convey visions and ideas,
it’s a vastly unexplored medium full of possibilities.
Its narrative of choice instead of being linear is full of holes.

Every copy is an original,
It binds images in a sequence,
it can play with text and typography,
it lies and seduce.
selecting from reality and giving it a new meaning.

Every photobook is a self-contained universe with its own set of rules.

This lecture by UK/IT based publisher Alex Bocchetto will explore the potential of the photobook medium through visual examples and the process of ideating and publishing your own work

12278887_1488213514817987_9119226858857924599_nALEX BOCCHETTO

Photo editor, book designer, journalist, self-taught bookbinder, disc jockey, teacher, publisher, copywriter. Founder of Apolispress.London 2012: co-founder of AKINA with Valentina Abenavoli




Paris Photobook club (Paris, FR, 2012)
IC Visual Lab (Bristol, UK, 2013)
PlanaR (Bari, IT, 2014)
Book Case Study (Den Haag, NE, 2014)
Radical Matter, Gomma magazine (London, UK, 2014)
The Photographers Gallery (London, UK, 2014)
NOPX (Torino, IT, 2015)
ISSP International Summerschool (Riga, LV, 2015)
Selected photobooks (editor, publisher, production, etc) :
365 (Alexander Aksakov, 2013)
Verbrannte Erde (Salvatore Santoro, 2013)
Liquid Cities (Frank Rodick, 2013)
Balkan Pank (Jože Suhadolnik, 2013)
Italia o Italia (Federico Clavarino, 2014)
Grand Circle Diego (Cyril Costhiles, 2014)
The Swastika on the Sun (Robert G Fodder, 2015)
Teikai trilogy:
Linger (Daisuke Yokota 2014)
Wandering at Midnight (Daisuke Yokota, 2014)
Immerse (Daisuke Yokota 2015)
Photobooks and handbooks (photographer, writer):
Fallen Empire (with Valentina Abenavoli, Akina, 2012)
Guernica Alfacinha (Akina, 2015)
The way of the photobook (self-published pamphlet, 2015, in progress)External collaborator for American Suburb X (ASX) and British Journal of Photography (BJP)