Seminar “Art Photography and Social Media”

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In this seminar, social media expert and founder of MAVIBLAU magazine, Marie Hartlieb and photographer, creative director and founder of “Don’t Wait” agancy Jane Katharina Di Renzo made a talk about how photographers can create themselves and their art within a unique brand, how they can use social media for marketing and connecting with the audience, artists and possible exhibitors and how they can find and develop creative and alternative ways of realizing their works through the help of social media. They also gave information about the possibilities and problems of those platforms and how can we take their features into our hands?

Marie Hartlieb
Media Project Development between Turkey and Germany, Founder of the Turkish-German online magazine MAVIBLAU MA Integrated Media at the University of Oldenburg and at the Istanbul Bilgi University.

Jane Katharina Di Renzo
Photographer and Creative director in Berlin, Istanbul, Roma, CEO of Creative Studio “Don’t Wait”

Curator of several exhibition in multimedia and photography, Coach and project manager for international creative network and education.